Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I use Jimmies for my candles…

I use Jimmies for my candles…

I do, seriously!
And no they’re not called sprinkles, they are called Jimmies! Hahaha!

So no I don’t light my candles with them or anything, but I do put them in my candles to make a pretty awesome gift for kids, or even adults.

I absolutely love candles! But my wallet does not like that amount of money I spend on them, so I decided that make them would be a better solution. My daughter and I wanted to make some fun party candles for her room one day, and this is what we came up with:

Things you will need: (made 2 candles this day, one is sleepy time, and one is a day time, I also made mine scented. The ingredients listed here are for one candle.)
1 10 oz container of Jimmies
½ lbs candle wax (you can use paraffin wax if you like as well, personally I think this works better for these candles that you want to see through a little bit more, unlike beeswax)
1 candle wick
1 mason jar
double boiler (or 2 pots)
essential oil (optional for fragrance)

1. Start by melting your wax in either your double boiler or your two pots. If you are using 2 pots make sure one is slightly smaller than the other. Fill the larger one with about 1-2 in of water. Put your wax in the smaller pot and set in the bigger pot to melt.

2. While you wax is melting, take your wick and place with metal part at the base of the mason jar. Use the additional wick at the top of the jar to wrap around a straw or spoon or something to help hold it in place. Then sprinkle in some jimmies  in your jar.

3. Once your wax has melted, pour about ½ in of wax into jar and pour more jimmies into wax. Use a knife or spoon to spread the jimmies to the outside of the jar as much as possible. (This is when I like to add some essential oils for fragrance.  In this candle I used doTERRA Lemon, Purify, and Grapefruit)

4. Then set in the fridge or freezer for 30 seconds-1 min.

5. Remove from fridge or freezer, and pour 1” of wax into jar, add more jimmies, and more fragrance, and then put back in fridge/freezer. Continue to do this until you have filled the jar up as high as you would like. Then place jar in fridge and let sit 1 hour. (make sure you save a little wax)

6. In 1 hour take your jar out, and  top it off with the leftover wax, and set back in the fridge for about 10 more min.

7. In 10 min, take the jar out, cut the extra wick, light, and enjoy!!!

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