Friday, March 24, 2017

My Third Eye Experience

So the other day I had an absolutely awesome experience that brought me closer not only to understanding my third eye chakra, but all the chakras. See to me the chakras were something I had briefly read about and new that they were an energy system in the body, but something I had never really felt. The only chakra I was really connected to was Muladhara, or the root or earth chakra, but had always figured that this was something I felt as an energy from the ground, not one within me. I never really thought I was at a point where the chakras were real for me; more conceptual or theoretical than anything else. This however changed everything. I learned how my mind works by itself and how it works with energy, and the experience over all was just so amazing that I wanted to share it with you all.
It started at a 2 hour class on the third eye chakra. Now in the past I have had such a clouded idea of what the third eye chakra really is because this is the chakra that was described to me as what drove palm readers or tarot readers to be able to see the past present and future, as well as what aloud people to see auras, and that it was literally an invisible eye that saw all things that were invisible to our physical eyes. From the workshop I attended I was able to get such a better understanding for the chakra and how not only is it so much more than what was described to me but how much I truly use and have a large third eye chakra. My intellect and imagination are some proof of this. The third eye is also known as Ajna, which means to perceive or command.
Element: All elements combined, light
Color: Indigo
Shape: Five pointed star
Petals of the lotus: Two
Seed sound: Aum (Om)
Endocrine gland: Pituitary gland
Physical association: Eyes, base of skull, brow
Psychological function: Intuition, imagination
Identity: Archetypal identity
Developmental stage: Adolescence
Challenge: Illusion
Sense organ: Mind
Predominant sense: Neutral

During the workshop we did a meditation where we started off with the cue to only think in images. We started with colors, and immediately I started saying the colors I saw, and telling the colors what to do. I just couldn’t get away from words, I started noticing even that when I looked more closely I wasn’t even seeing the colors, but the word written out in the color ie: I would read “RED” in the color red in my head.  This cue was repeated to us in seeing our breath in color, seeing our body in color, and a few others which I couldn’t pay attention to because I couldn’t see color, I could only see words in colors, so I shut everything out and decided to regroup and re-center and try again. After regrouping I noticed that there was really pretty music in the background which I hadn’t noticed before. From the music I began seeing myself play the instruments, from the piano to the violin and the cello, and everything was in first person. My hands were moving across keyboards and strings gracefully as if I was playing the music myself. Music was a huge part of my upbringing from listening to playing and so this felt very natural to me, but then everything started changing. From these images appeared a dancer, who was dancing beautifully to the music. I was watching her this time instead of being her, and she was dancing in a lyrical and ballet style to the music. It was wonderful to watch since dancing is something I have always watched, admired, and wanted to be able to do well. Every once in a while, I would find myself talking in my head again and images of  my playing the instruments would bring me back to watching this dancer. The neat part is that I was feeling less and less me, and the dancer was starting to look more and more like me. The next thing I noticed was that now when my mind would wander I wouldn’t even see/feel myself playing the instruments anymore, but rather I would see abstract musical notes dancing through my mind. The words my mind wanted to say would turn into quarter notes or triplets, before I knew what the thoughts were. I stayed with this for a while simply enjoying the peace that the music and the dancer brought me. The instructor then turned off the music and began beating a drum giving again the cue to think only in images. The drum wasn’t a loud one, but I could feel vibrations coming from it and filling my body with its sound waves. A huge orange yellow glow filled my mind and took the shape of a fire. The fire was huge and bright and full of life as my view panned out I was able to see a dancer around the fire, but this time the dancer was more abstract. I couldn’t tell whether it was male or female, only that it was most likely human and it was dancing around the fire. The entire thing was very tribal and reminded me almost of portrayals I’ve seen of Native American fire dances and rituals. The drum beating began to slow and change and eventually fade away as we were given the cue to feel our connection to the ground. (Now here’s where I really got a kick out of the experience) Typically when I meditate on the root chakra, or want to feel grounded, I literally start feeling the energy in my feet (mostly) or whatever is in contact with the ground and I can feel the energy coming and going. For whatever reason this time that was not the case. I stayed as a third person, observing my body and seeing my body turn into a twisted and gnarly root system buried deep. The next cue told us to feel the energy from the ground flow up through our body and out the crown of our head. Again I watched as light energy moved up through the root system growing in brightness and size as it moved up from the smaller roots into the bigger ones getting closer and closer to the trunk, and as soon as this energy reached the trunk, or my body, I was pulled out of the third person and back into first as I felt an energy shoot through my spine starting in my buttocks and coming out the top of my head. Even though my eyes were closed I felt as though my eyes were open and I was watching myself in first person fill with light, and very strong white light. I could feel energy moving through me. I sat here in the indescribable feeling of power, energy, love, and light that was me, and yet not for a moment before the bells were chimed and the meditation was over. As I came out of meditation I realized I had to use the bathroom and while I was washing my hands afterwards I noticed my face looked almost ghostly white, but my skin looked really good, like the summer time glow where you have no breakouts and everything is exfoliated and fresh, but it was pale. I figured the paleness was probably because I needed a drink of water, but was super happy about the natural glow. A few minutes later, a student from the class came up to me and told me they needed to tell me something. They apologized for watching me during meditation but that close to the end of  the meditation that there was something bothering them, and it had distracted them so much that they had been forced to come out of meditation and open their eyes, and that’s when they saw me. They told me I was glowing white like an angel of sorts. I was really taken back at first until I remembered that white glow I noticed when I was in the bathroom, and then remembered the white light of energy I was feeling during the meditation. Coincidence? Maybe, but for me the entire experience was amazing and I really waned to share it with you all and get it down on paper before I forget all about it and think that I cant get in touch with the chakras.