Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Itchy dry skin Life Hack

Hey my beautiful people! Who suffers from itchy dry skin? I know I do, but here’s a little life hack that I learned recently from a good friend of mine who is an esthetician to help save your skin.
So we all know at this point that heat is damaging to our skin right? We know to cover up in the sun, and to avoid dry heat, and to lotion up when we are exposed to that hot air, but how many of us thought about our showers? I love my hot showers, and honestly when she told me that hot showers were destroying my skin I screamed. There’s no way I am not taking hot showers, and I am sure many of you are the same way. Who wants to give up that hot shower or hot bath? Not me! But the heat from the shower is aging your skin terribly, and is drying your skin our terribly. Apparently the correct temperature is cool, to lukewarm, but unless I end up in the military or in jail, you will not see me taking a cool or lukewarm shower, ever, so here’s how to help protect your skin.
We all know that applying lotion after your shower can help add moister back to your skin, and some of us use soaps that have lotion in them to help keep our skin nourished, but these methods are for treating a problem that already occurred. Like getting a cold and then taking medication for it. I am more in favor of preventative medicine,  and making sure I don’t get that cold in the first place. So how do you prevent your skin from drying out and withering away in that hot shower?

Coconut oil!!!  Most of you have heard me rant and rave about coconut oil in my social media posts, so I wont go over all the amazing, wonderful, great, superb, splendid etc… benefits of coconut oil, but I will share this with you. Apply coconut oil to your body before you get in the shower. Lather yourself up from head to toe before you hop into the nice hot shower. Pretty simple right?  While your in the shower you will wash most of it off when you scrub your body but, you will at least protect your skin from the majority of the heat damage. Then once you hop out, apply more coconut oil, or your lotion of choice, to make up for the oil that rubbed off while scrubbing.

Think of this as preventative medicine for your skin. It will help your skin from wrinkling as quickly as you age,  drying out as much in the winter months where we are surrounded by dry heat, and it will help your skin feel great overall!