Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Human Resources side of the ADA and Businesses

Managing people is one of the most god-awful things you will have to do in a business. This is regardless of weather you are a people persona or not. As a business owner you are who everyone looks to both for leadership and mistakes. Perfect example would be our president. We love to look for faults in our leaders, in fact I can’t think of a single president that has at least one negative thing said about him. You will please some and anger others, but in the end the most important thing is that you follow the law as closely as possible and stand up for the choices you make. 
Some of the major risks involved with human resources is the ADA, not only is it so unclear, but people expect you to treat this group like a Godsend that can do no harm. Please do not take this the wrong way, but I know plenty of people who would fall under ADA qualifications that will use this to their advantage and take advantage of you, as well as many other that have a better understanding of what to do, and not to do as well as how to do what you ask of them, and simply wont do it under the assumption that you will treat them as everyone else does (like a wonder of the world). Needless to say people who do not fall under the ADA qualifications will attempt to take advantage of you as well. Going back to looking for faults in our leaders. Your employees will scrutinize, and analyze every move you make to see if you are doing something that could possibly give them an edge in suing you and making them rich. People also live under the impression that life is fair. They also assume that fair means everything goes their way, and so when things do not go their way they also look to do whatever they can to make you suffer.
Best thing to do is to thoroughly screen during the application and hiring process, and stay on top of things. Like I said do your best to uphold the law and then stand by your decisions.

Fall Spider Web Craft

So the Fall is slowly coming upon us, but don't be fooled, September is only 6 days away so we are well on our way to full blow Fall weather. Along with the weather changes there are many things right like the leaves changing colors and falling, the morning dew returning (at least here in Delaware), and most importantly, the spider webs. Ever notice that there are so many more spiderwebs in the fall than in the spring? Well heres why:
"Garden spiders have a seasonal timetable. They hatch in the spring, reproduce and die in the fall. So while they lie low in the early summer (trying to keep from being eaten), by now the survivors are large enough to start spinning webs. And they're in a hurry because the females need to lay their eggs and, well, you know ... that "die" part." To read this article click here

But enough about that, if you are a craft person like me then here is a simple fun activity to do with kids of any age, or even just for yourself.

All you need is:
1 can, white spray paint
1 piece of construction paper

All you need to do is:
Find spider web, and spray it all over with the spray paint, then place the construction paper behind the web and press it up against the web. Then cut the web along the edges of the paper, and Voila!!!

You can also switch up the colors. My mini and I decided to use glow in the dark paint and make some glow in the dark webs for halloween. Be creative, and please share your spider webs with me.