Saturday, April 9, 2016

Forever Easter Eggs

Personally I like to keep mementos of holiday crafts from one year to the next and Easter eggs are the same. For years  I have spent teaching my friends about how to create ester eggs that wont spoil or go bad and that you can essentially keep forever, and now I would like to pass this on to everyone else I know. 

Things you will need:
-Something sharp (if you have a needle this is ideal) if you so not a small and sharp knife will do the trick.
- raw eggs (because I do these every year, I try to only make 2-3 that will last forever otherwise my house would become over run with eggs, but remember they are super fragile so if you are clumsy, make a few more)
Optional: markers, paints, dye, stickers, rubber bands, crayons,

Step 1: Holding the egg as it comes in the crate, create 1 large hole at one end of the egg and a slightly smaller hole at the other end

Step 2: Blow into the smaller hole pushing the yoke and white out of the larger hole (if this becomes difficult, try enlarging the bigger hole, or sticking the needle in further to break up the yoke) and into a bowl.

Step 3: Rinse your eggs under some water or try blowing water through them as well. Then let them dry.

Step 4: Paint!!! We use all the same techniques as we do with other eggs, like rubber bands, stickers, crayons, dye, markers, and paints. Be creative with these guys, they will last you a lifetime.

Here are some eggs we used crayons to write a message on or draw lines

Here is one we used rubber bands on (be careful with the rubber bands not to wrap them too tightly, because these eggs will break more easily than hard boiled ones)

Here are some we markered on.

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