Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Natural Squirrel Repelant

So as some of you know I have had a squirrel climbing into my house now for few days and it is not to pleasant to have a crying squirrel stuck behind your walls, nor is it fun to wake up to the nonstop scratching of them trying to get in or out of your house through the worlds smallest space. So after being woken up too many times by this little guy I decided to do something about it. Ok so quick back ground before I tell you what I did is that as child my father loved birds and so we had bird feeders everywhere, and all the little birdies came to eat and build nests in our trees. Little did we know that squirrels happen to like the same food as birds and squirrels are bigger, and scarier than the birds. It wasn’t long before all of the birds were gone and there were only squirrels. We stopped putting out food, but by that time the squirrels had already settled in and were trying anything and everything to find some food, they starting eating my dogs food and would have no fear of us trying to chase them away. My parents bright idea was to then catch the squirrels in traps and then drown them in a big trash can of water.  This actually worked for them, and about 2 summers later we were squirrel free, but my father never put the bird seed back out again.
Because of this though I was determined to get rid of this squirrel in a more humane way. I found out that squirrels hate hot peppers. All of the homemade repellants though only included cayenne peppers, which for some reason I could not find in actually pepper form, anywhere! So I decided to try out some recipes and see what worked for me and my squirrel.

1 Green Pepper (you want a male pepper, because they are more acidic and do not have the sweetness of the female pepper. To tell the difference look for the pepper with 3 bumps at the bottom instead of 4.)

2 cups red wine vinegar

3 cups water

5 Jalapeno Peppers

1 juicer                         

Chop the tops off all the peppers and cut them down to manageable sizes that you can put in your juicer. Then juice. (be careful when you are juicing the Jalapenos that you do them slowly and do not breath in deeply. Some of the juice is going to come out the top and it may choke you up a bit. Save the reins.)

Pour the juiced peppers into a container, then add the 2 cups of vinegar,
and top off the rest with water.
Leave this container out uncovered at room temperature for about 2 days, and then transfer to an empty squirt bottle. (When you squirt this make sure that you are up wind, or that you are not in an enclosed space. The juice is strong and you do not want to inhale it if you can avoid it.)

***The reins can be used to make a super-hot salsa, or add them to a chicken rub to make it extra spicy!!!***

I have a garden as well and some cats that like to run around my neighborhood. This mixture should keep away a multitude of animals, and although it is spicy it is 100% consumable and non lethal to any animals.