Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bye Bye DTCC

For the past 2 1/2 years I have been in school non-stop. Summer semesters, spring breaks, internships, you name it. I have spent every waking minute of my life at Delaware Technical Community College working on becoming an Entrepreneur,  and before that a personal trainer. So with the ammount of time I spent there, I decided that it would be the perfect place to hold classes. Last Jan is when I started my YTT and it was suggested that I start teaching small groups so that I could get the hang of it, so I did. I started a volunteer program at my school where twice a week I would come early and hold a yoga class. Every Tuesday and Thursday for 4 semester now I have holding morning yoga classes from 7:45-8:30
I am so grateful to those students and faculty who have been there with me a incentives the brining of my yoga journey. Who put up with the terrible akostics of the racket ball courts where we practice. To those who took a chance with me and tried some of my other classes, even if the studios were way out of the way for you. Over this stretch of time I have taken many a photos of you all and your progress, and so I am compiling all of the pictures I still have so that I can share these wonderful memories you all have given me. That I will hold and cherish as I continue this journey. 
Lets get Class Started!!!

The Time that Step aerobics left out their steps from the night before and I was really debating weather or not to try to turn our class into step-yoga...

Walking in on Thursdays and seeing this meant today is going to be a good day.
When I set out on a mission to get everyone to try acro... starting with Connor

Spinal Twists are always great!

The times we had a really full classes, with new people...
And the times we had not so many.

Im serious Spinal twists are the best!

Savasana is my fave!!!

Drews first time doing Acro!!!

Hamstring Strength Building

This years Power Yoga Flyer

This years Restorative Yoga Flyer
The time we turned class into Meditation time

Tim and I used to practice Acro Yoga a lot!
Core Work

That time everyone got really mad at Utkatasana 

The time I got hot computer guy aka Peter parker aka his real name is Craig guys... to do some acro with me!!!

I am finally graduating and these classes will unfortunately be coming to an end as of Thursday, April 21. I will miss you all!

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