Thursday, May 14, 2015

Benefits of Gardening

There are so many benefits to gardening the most important being that it teaches you how to grow your own food and provide for yourself and your family. In most societies though we have super markets that can provide you with food so gardening is often overlooked, especially with the busy lives that we lead and the thought that there is not enough time in the day. Other than the obvious benefit though of having fresh foods in your own backyard, there are many others. My daughters school has incorporated gardening into their curriculum and I couldn't be happier!

1. Sensual Eating 
Something that people tend to misconstrue in America is that idea that sexual is the same as sensual, and it is not. When I say sensual eaten I am referring to feeling your food, and touching your food. if you are shoveling food into your mouth, you do not have a chance to fully appreciate it and then your mouth then feels the need to eat something else in order to satisfy the body's needs. Tasting your food and slowing down your eating process is one way to help with this, but gardening is a great way to experience your food as well. By touching your food, your body is getting the sensual needs of eating met.

2. Guaranteed Fresh and Real

Seriously your body gets enough fake energy from about 80% of the foods you eat. This fake energy and fake food trick your body into thinking it eating something, but you body soon realizes that you did not consume any real nutrition, and it tells you to eat again. Ever eat and less than an hour later you are starving again? Chances are  you ate some type of refined food that was loaded with sugars and salts that did nothing for your body. When you grow your own food, you are guaranteed that it is real because it comes from the ground. It grew from nature and your help. Best part is that you can pick it and eat it right then. That's as Fresh as Fresh can get!

3. Accomplishment
In the army You are told to make your bed everyday, and the reason for that is not only to instill discipline but so that no matter what happens that day you know you accomplished one thing at least. I heard an army friend of mine say that once and it stuck with me. So applying this to everyday life: even if your boss tells you that you are doing everything wrong and your kids tell you you are a horrible parent, you know that you did at least one thing right, you mdd your bed. A garden can do the same thing. Although you may think that you do not have enough time to grow a garden, let me tell you that as a mother, college student, and business owner I have time. It really does not take as long as you think. Start small with a few pots (<$10.00 each) or one bed. Follow the directions on the back of your seed packets ($.80) and start your garden. You will see that within a few weeks you will have something sprouting and growing. Then you can show off your gardening abilities to friends and family as they come over and even learn a few recipes that go along with the foods your grown to show off your skills even more. These things give you a sense of accomplishment and will hopefully encourage you to try more plant next year.

4. Get Outside
Whether you need a tan, a break from work, or are just itching from some fresh air, being outside is one of the best things you can do for your body. Sunlight helps to wake up in the morning by triggering enzymes in your body to wake up, as well as releasing endorphins to help make you feel happy and rejuvenated. Why not couple this with gardening? Gardening is a way to get in touch with the ground, the earth, and nature around you. Plus it gives you a great reason to be outside for a minute that does not make it look like you are trying to avoid your kids. Haha! Seeing you outside will inspire your friends, family and neighbors to get out too.

5. Inspire
From your new cuisine, to your flower covered walk way, your vegetable garden back yard and your fruit tree accent, you will have inspired others to want to be able to grow their own food and eat healthy like you. They will taste you food, see your garden and feel your energy and passion. Your kids will grow up outdoors in the garden rather that inside in front of a computer. Being able to inspire people to do the right thing is a great feeling especially when you can really show them how. I know. As a personal trainer, yoga instructor,and overall wellness coach, I try my best to inspire people to do right by their body everyday. I do this by teaching them about themselves and showing them the path to better themselves.